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This is a story about redemption, about picking yourself up and starting all over again no matter what mistakes that you have made. It is critical, I believe, to the survival of all of us, as individuals and, collectively, as a nation, that we get past our past and start working on things from a different perspective.

Watch what's coming to a movie theater near you. From The O'Reilly Factor :. Reaction from none other than our pal Glenn Beck, the author of another, another book. BECK: Yeah. It'll be our fourth - I mean, assuming this one does well, this could be our fourth number one bestseller of the year, 12 months. It's A Thriller For Dad. BECK: Let me do a - let me just do a shameless plug here for just a second on Father's Day if you are going in the bookstore anyway. It's a thriller for dad. You can pick it up.

He'll enjoy it. And pick one up for yourself, too. I think you will enjoy it.

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BECK: You got it? The progressives.

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This is a union member saying what the political strategy should be. You just be with the immigrants. It's about power, gaining and keeping power, but this time on a global skill. They have been dividing and conquering. And I know the unions will go crazy with this. We'll show you the evidence. They have been dividing and conquering forever. Well, now, who's going to be divided and conquered? We have more on the history union racism, and tomorrow, the history on American communism. It's a DVR show that you must have. Keep it for your children.

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You must do your own homework on this. And one more thought - that's on tomorrow's show. I thank you for - I thank you for that. I thank you so much for reading and caring about what we do on this program. I hope I haven't let you down. And if you haven't read it, read it. We worked hard on it. A thriller on what could possibly be coming our way.

Open your mind just a little bit and pass it on to your friend. Coming up, more with a guy who's studied this for a very long time, next. At the center, some guy named Stieg Larsson. Oh, yes, sure, you may never have heard of him. He's a communist who wrote a bunch of books that everybody loves because he's dead now. But did he really die? That's what they want you to believe. Don't let the communists win.

BECK: Good thing this audience reads, because there is a lot to read. Here's the latest from me. It is fiction, but a lot of it is fact. From New York, we'll see you tomorrow. Good night, America. It's My Thriller. It's my thriller. It's not only meant to entertain, but also to be able to go back and pore over. Just start here. You have book. First two words of the story, Eli Churchill, Elijah Churchill.

Who is he? Watch our special Friday features this week. BECK: It's doctorate of humanities, which, by the way, you can stop by my office any time for a dental exam. I think that's what that means. BECK: You sign up for the insider thing. It's on my Web site, premium thing, you can now go to Beck University. I'm thinking about opening Beck Hospital. BECK: They're going to -- they're going to find -- they're going to find history that they didn't even know existed. BECK: No, no, no. I'm not. We have professors.

And we just launched this just recently with three courses. One is on American history, faith and the role that God played. One is on the truth on the economy.


And the other one is on the Constitution. Charity and how the Constitution, if you follow it, you live by the law, you can be the most charitable nation in the world. It means I'm thinking about offering free surgery for 9. You become an insider extreme member, and I will only -- but only -- only -- on Black Panther members. BECK: So many people are waiting for the government to give them handouts.

It's not up to the government to take care of you. It will shock you, a little mini-documentary. It isn't free, dude, but it's worth it. I think it was better than what happened on the mall in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It is really, truly an amazing, amazing 90 minutes or two hours. Don't miss it. BECK: I've told you before that progressives are really good at one thing: changing the name of something to get you to think it's about something that it's not.

You are not going to believe what this man said to get elected. This is the logo of Restoring Honor. August 28th, , I'm going to be on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and we are going to talk about honor, our Founders, Washington, Lincoln, and who we really are. There's not going to be one word of politics in it. I invite you to be there, to restore honor to this country because that will solve all of it.

And you will learn more about it tomorrow a little bit more tomorrow at the Lincoln Memorial. I want to show you something. BECK: We are all men of different faiths and yet we all stand together on the principles of our country. In a couple of hours at the Kennedy Center, David and I will be there along with five invited guests and 2, people to introduce some concepts. I hope you're there. From Washington, good night. We'll be streaming it live on the Insider Extreme. All the details are available at GlennBeck. It's -- there are tickets for free. People have been waiting outside for the tickets.

But there are some other people that are in the audience that I will only announce at the Kennedy Center. And It Was Freedom. BECK: Continuing with a happy theme tonight. How to restart America? The first part is history. How did we get here? It is the second section is how bad is it really? Tell me the truth, doctor. I've got cancer, how long do I have to live?

And then the third part is what do we do? Honestly, I met for over a year putting this book together. I met with some of the biggest experts, and everything they said is basically being said here. Everything they said I just made notes of it. I thought founders did that. Founders did that. And it was freedom. And it was sparking the imagination of the American people. And we appreciate everybody who's has - - but you, you see, Beck, you go, like, to 18, signings, right? You sign everywhere. BECK: I'm everywhere. I like him.

I will sign. BECK: Here's the thing. I haven't decided on my costume yet for our appearance together, you know? I was thinking about going as Nancy Pelosi, but I think that Glenn Beck, everybody. He's thinking about it. He'll sign books anywhere any time. Just e-mail him. You must have been smoking some, George, because even California said, Sorry, dude.

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Total bummer. Can't go with you on the pot thing. Gee, I don't know, Wally. Mom and Dad get home and they see how many Fs we have on our report card, they're sure going to be upset. Maybe we shouldn't tell them. Well, Spooky Dude, you know, it really kind of sucks to be you right now because not only have you had all these failures, I don't think on this program it's going to get much better for you, especially next Tuesday.

I think I met on an ongoing basis over the last year with 34 experts in every field. There's 50 pages of notebooks -- this is -- or I mean fine print footnotes. This is the book that you can give your children or your grandchildren, or you can read. This is -- we meant this to be something that you would use as almost a handbook. It has the answers in it -- the answers of -- and what do you do? Well, one way you can -- you know, one thing you can do, I guess you can either play aboveboard and be out in the open, or you can play like Spooky Dude. I just pointed out George Soros, and he had a tough election cycle.

Seriously, George. I mean, you know, you just pour money down the drain into cutesy little progressive groups. I mean, why spend so much time and effort funneling money around all these pet projects that are supposedly designed to help people when you can just skip the middleman and just go right straight to the people who actually need help?

But while he's been busy dumping money down the progressive drain, things are falling apart around him. Union members keep pouring the money into unions, gang. They're showing signs that they're turning on progressive leadership, as well. Because they're being exposed for who they are. In Ohio, nearly a third of the labor vote went to Republicans in the governor's race, 45 percent of union households supported a Republican for Senate. In Pennsylvania, 44 percent of union household members voted for Republican Pat Toomey.

It's a scam and people know it. And we're going to keep exposing it. And it'll keep falling apart on them because the truth will always set you free. George, really. Pick up the book. It's cheaper. It's cheaper! You can get this, and it has all the answers in it! Of course, it'll set people free, which is -- won't enrich you. You know what this is, George? This is like the Death Star. It is. Keith Ablow. And quite honestly, we were talking about the country.

How do I save the country? And I said, I'm here for a reason. We're all here for a reason. And we just started talking about life and trials and tribulations, the way life can throw things in. That is -- that is not a question that anybody has asked me in the media. It's the untold story, really. And the reason why it's untold is because it empowers you. Keith and I both realized I had lived a pattern that he studied in psychology and he was trying to put in practice.

We put my practical experience together with his training in psychology and we realized -- oh, my gosh, the seven wonders that will change your life, not entirely. Seven wonders that will restore America. BECK: And what is happening on a personal level is just being played out on a global level or a country level. I mean, let me ask you this. Are your finances or most of your friends' finances in about the same shape as the United States of America?

Are they overextended? Did they buy too much? Did they do crazy things? Did they not use common sense? Because the stats show that the American people are no different in their personal lives than they are as a country, as a whole. That's what is happening to us. So we have to change us and then we won't accept it from the leadership anymore.

Let me go to - this is the book that Keith and I put together. This is a country solution on an individual basis. I'm Bill's opening act, and I'm going to get you all revved up. And then Bill's going to come out, and then he's going to do like, I don't know, 30 minutes, and he's going to get you all revved up. And then, and then we're going at it. BECK: We've got several things that we're doing this year, but one of them we're doing again this weekend.

And he is kind of like an older brother - and Bill, a much, much older, older brother. But we've been going out and on these tours. We started it Saturday. We're going out again Friday and Saturday. We're doing four different shows and they've sold out. But you can see them on Saturday night. I want to give you a little sneak peek here. And you will see myself and Bill O'Reilly together on stage. And one more thing, tomorrow is the truth on progressives like you've never seen it. From New York, good night, America.

Five hundred theaters all across the United States. So, we want the folks to come in. It's absolutely fantastic. But you really do scare most of the country. He is -- he's laugh-out-loud funny. I mean, I was sitting backstage -- I was sitting backstage watching. And I laughed out loud. BECK: I believe now, it was just a precursor now. This is what we did last August in Washington, D. I mentioned Dietrich Bonhoeffer a few minutes ago. He has played a big role in my life recently.

I believe, as he believed at those times, that trouble is coming for our Jewish friends and neighbors. And I believe it means something to all of us. We promised we would never forget and never let it happen again. I don't know if it's going to happen again now. But evil -- an old, familiar evil is rearing its ugly head. I thought we were ahead of the curve a little more than we are. I think it's time to have the guts to look inside yourself and, really, how do you fell about Jews and Israel, and are they our ally?

Are they our friend? I thought we were ahead of the curve, but I think we're right on cue.

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The call to courage is not just about Israel. It's about what you really believe in. Do you believe in the Western way of life? Because if Israel falls, the Western way of life will fall, and that is not hyperbole. It is the keystone of the West. I was in bed and I read this. And I thought, what are they out of their mind? It's not about policy. It's about standing with the Jews and the Israelis and standing against evil. August 24th. It will be at the southern steps of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There will be two other events happening that week, between the 21st and 24th.

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